Stranded Colorwork Hat

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Right after I finished knitting Christmas presents, I made myself a stranded colorwork hat. I wanted a hat that had a lot of grey in it. I also wanted to use up small amounts of blue and grey wool yarn in my stash. I had done a little stranded colorwork in the past and thought it would be fun to experiment with the technique again. I enjoyed making the hat and I am very happy with how it turned out. 

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I learned to do stranded colorwork when I read the book Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I knit English style and I learned continental so I could knit stranded colorwork with both hands. My first colorwork project was this grey and red hat. Later, I made another hat to play with the technique. I definitely want to do more colorwork. I enjoy doing it and it isn’t as hard as I thought to do the technique. I also see a lot of beautiful stranded colorwork on Ravelry and social media. At some point in the future I want to make a yoked color work sweater like this one. I also love this sweater by Tanis Lavallee.


My Knitting Goals

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I thought I would write a post about my knitting goals and what I want to make next. As we start a new month and go into a new season, it felt like a good time to think about how I want to build my skills and what I want to do differently with my craft projects. These are the knitting techniques and projects that have been on my mind lately.

Learn to knit socks

I have wanted to learn to knit socks for a long time. I even bought a couple of books on sock knitting and a few skeins of sock yarn. I am not sure when I will get around to it but I want to learn at some point.

 Knit a sweater using the percentage system

The percentage system is a way of making a sweater without a pattern that was devised by Elizabeth Zimmerman; it is described in her books. A couple of her books that describe it are Knitting Without Tears and Knitting Workshop. I have read couple of books by Elizabeth Zimmerman and I am a big fan. I love how she encourages her readers to be more creative and knit without a pattern. I am hoping to start this project this fall or winter.

 Make more garments

I have realized that I haven’t made a garment in 2 years and I really want to change that. I am thinking my next knitting pattern will be a summer top. I want to start it once I finish the scarf or shawl I am knitting right now.

 Make a cardigan

As I stated above, I want to make more garments.  I also want to make items for my wardrobe. I wear cardigans constantly and my favorite cardigan is wearing out. I am thinking I want to make a cardigan instead of buying one. I am eyeing a couple of patterns to make for this winter. 

 Use up some of my older yarn stash

I have had some of the yarn in my stash for years. Some of this yarn sits in my stash because I don’t know what to do with it. I started the lace scarf I am making to use up the yarn I had leftover from a sweater I made. I had a little over a skein left and I wanted to use up the yarn. I would like to do similar projects to use up odd bits of yarn in my stash.