My Beadwork Projects

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I wrote about my bead crochet projects last week so this week I will be writing about beading projects. Recently I finished this spiral bracelet. This blue and green bracelet is the first beadwork piece I have finished in years. I had a couple of projects that I had started years ago and had let sit for years. Right after I finished my most recent bead crochet rope, I looked at my old beading projects and decided to work on a bracelet pictured above. I looked at it and realized it was long enough for a bangle bracelet and I just needed to join it together. So I went ahead and joined it together.

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 I also have a this pink piece that I haven’t worked on in years that I want to finish. It uses a technique called peyote stitch. I am doing it free-form, I didn’t have a set pattern or plan for this piece when I started it. When I started the project, I wanted to see how it would look to use different sizes of beads together in one piece. I decided to use pastel colors.

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 As I was looking at these pieces I ended up starting a new beadwork project. I had been thinking about a technique called spiral rope. I ended up starting a spiral rope project around the time I finished my latest bead crochet project. I am using a lime green and beige color scheme. 


My Adventures in Bead Crochet

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I recently finished a bead crochet rope and started a new one. I also started some new beading projects. I was going to write about my progress in one post. However,  I have 5 different projects to write about and I felt like it was a lot to write in one post . I decided divide the information into 2 parts. In this post,  I will be writing about my bead crochet ropes. Next week, I will write about my non crochet beading projects.

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I just finished the pastel rope pictured above and I tried a new technique to join it together. I thought that the tutorial I used was confusing and the technique was harder than I thought. I hope that on the next rope, it will make more sense. I also started a new bead crochet rope using a red black and white color scheme. I was going to use a red white and gold color scheme but I ran out of gold beads and had to figure out something else. From doing these bead crochet ropes, I have realized that I am not nearly as confident about choosing color schemes as I used to be. It takes me a long time to decide what colors to use. I may have to brush up on color theory.  Except for those concerns, I am having fun working on the ropes. I find it relaxing and it is easy to pick up and do a few rows when I need to relax.


My Experiments with Bead Crochet Ropes

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Before I knitted or crocheted, I did a lot of beadwork and jewelry making. I have been making jewelry off and on since the early nineties. At one time, I even tried to sell my pieces on Etsy. I ended the shop a long time ago. In recent years I have been knitting and crocheting a lot and beading very little if at all. Last year, I realized that I missed doing beadwork and decided to carve out time to work on beading again. I had started several beading projects years ago and they had sat there and I hadn’t been working on them. I went through the projects and took apart the ones I didn’t want to work on anymore. I decided to keep a few projects and finish them. I am hoping to finish those projects at a later date. I had worked on bead crochet ropes before and thought that would be a good way to start getting back into beading since it incorporates both beading and crochet.

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I used this book as a reference. This  book on various beading techniques is another book that has a section on bead crochet ropes. Stacy Trock of Fresh Stitches made some bead crochet ropes. Here is a tutorial she wrote. She strongly recommends this book; I haven’t read it yet but I want to read it. With bead crochet you string the beads on the thread beforehand. I was aiming to make a bracelet. The first one I did came out too much short because I misread how much thread to use. That is the orange, red and grey one in the above picture. The second rope (the yellow and grey one in the picture) turned out better but still a little too short. I am on my 3rd attempt and so far so good. It is the project in the first picture. I have been using Jeans Stitch quilting thread, size 8 beads, and a size steel 10 hook. I am enjoying working on bead crochet ropes. It goes faster than knitting or crochet. This time I am hoping it will be long enough to wear as a bracelet.