Log Cabin Knit Along

DSC_0002 (1)-1

This month, Karen Templer of Fringe Association and the women behind Mason Dixon Knitting are hosting a KAL* with a log cabin theme. Here is a post that details the KAL and how it works. This is the hashtag for it on Instagram. They announced it back in the fall. When I heard about it, I was very excited about it. I had recently found a tutorial for log cabin knitting by Very Pink Knits and I immediately really liked the idea. I loved that it creates a visually striking result from rows of garter stitch and scrap yarn. I really wanted to do this KAL.

 When it got closer to it actually starting, I was having second thoughts. I had just finished holiday knitting. I was working on 2 sweaters and had just started designing and making a cable scarf. I have been feeling tired and stressed out and wasn’t sure I had the energy to start another project I would be designing, swatching and sketching. I kept thinking that I should work on the projects I was already doing. I also was concerned that adding one more project to the mix would make me feel scattered and distract me from finishing the sweaters I want to finish.

 However I also have a lot of odd scraps of acrylic yarn I wanted to use up. I kept thinking that it would be the a great way to use up the yarn. I couldn’t let go of the idea and decided to try making a square. The first attempt didn’t work at all and I unraveled it. One night, I looked at the instructions again. I realized that it wouldn’t be as hard as I thought to make it. I started another square and this time I love how it is turning out and I can see why people say that this technique is addicting. I had wanted to make a wrap or blanket scarf but after I weighed my yarn and the first square I made, I realized I would only have enough yarn to make a scarf. I am using black, grey, white, beige, red and orange yarn. I am enjoying working on this project a lot.

*stands for knit along

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