I Want to Make a Log Cabin Blanket


I had originally planned on making a ripple blanket once I finished the blanket I am working on right now. However I am getting a huge urge to make a log cabin blanket. One night I was looking at my Ravelry queue and I found this tutorial for a log cabin blanket. I watched the video and I immediately loved the idea. I love that it is rows of garter stitch with a striking result. Plus I love to play with color and this would be a good project to do that. 


A short time after I was thinking about this, I found out that Karen Templer of Fringe Association is hosting a knit a long that starts in January with a log cabin theme. The timing is perfect, I found out about it right after I watched  the tutorial that made me want to make something with a log cabin theme. I want to do this knit a long and I have been thinking about what I could do for it. I was originally going to make a blanket using a pink, purple and blue color scheme using the yarn pictured above. I also have a lot of red yarn and odd bits of orange, grey, white and black yarn. Or I could use some odd skeins of worsted weight wool in teal and blue colors. I was thinking of making a wrap with the teal and blue yarn. I am not sure about the black, red, orange and grey yarn. I am not sure I have enough for a blanket. I haven’t made up my mind what I want to do yet but I have time to think about it since the knit a long doesn’t start until January. .

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