My Eclipse Memories

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Unless you live in a cave, you heard that Monday was a solar eclipse. During the days leading up to the eclipse, I had wanted to do something to mark the eclipse but wasn’t sure what to do. I procrastinated on looking for eclipse glasses. They were sold out by the time I thought about looking for some. I wasn’t sure what to do but then I found this cute eclipse coaster pattern and was very excited. I had originally thought I would made a set of 4 but I made 1 but haven’t made the other 3. I am thinking of just keeping one and hanging it on my wall. I figured I at least had this crochet piece as a souvenir.

DSC_0007 (1)-1

I went to the library one day and they had a station where someone could make a pinhole camera. I made a simple one while I was at the library. Later that day I was hanging out with my parents and told my dad about the pinhole projector I made. He ended up doing a some research and made pinhole projector from a box. He had a box lying around and I gave him the other supplies needed. The day of the eclipse I hung out with my parents and brother and watched the eclipse from the projector. and it worked pretty well. Where I live, the eclipse was at 90 percent totality. It wasn’t nearly as dark I thought it would be but I am glad I got to see it.


2 thoughts on “My Eclipse Memories

  1. Yep, we watched the eclipse with a homemade pinhole camera too. (I wasn’t sure I could wear eclipse glasses over my prescription classes. Turns out I can, but we only found that out after-the-fact!)

    We got about 70% totality, so it wasn’t really any darker, but it was still cool. 🙂

    And I do love that eclipse coaster and the idea of hanging it on a wall. If don’t mind my asking, what’s the pattern?

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