Is It Fall Yet?


It is late summer here and it is my least favorite time of year. Around this time I start longing for fall. I am in Washington State and we are in the middle of a heat wave. The temperature has been 95-100 F (35-37 C) for several days. To add to that, there are wildfires in Canada in British Columbia, Montana and other areas of Washington State. The smoke in the air from the fires is sapping my energy, irritating my sinuses and giving me a headache.

DSC_0039 (1)-1

I know things could be a lot worse but I am not happy with this state of affairs. Any temperature above 85 F (29 C) is too hot for me. Fall is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors, the cooler temperatures, football season, and wearing wool sweaters. So This is my self indulgent post where I am posting pictures I made during past fall seasons to look longingly at while it is so hot here right now.


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