Some Thoughts on Online Clutter


Lately, I have been decluttering. I have sent boxes to goodwill and have donated some books to the local library. As I go through stuff, I also thought about online clutter. I realized that I had a Ravelry queue that went on for 10 pages and a “to read” list on Goodreads that is almost as long. I realized that I was feeling weighed down by all the stuff listed that I wasn’t doing. I wanted to create more room for what I really want to read and make right now.

On Ravelry, I had queued a bunch of patterns I had thought were pretty at one time but didn’t make that many of them. I had over 260 patterns in my queue and would end up looking up new patterns when I was looking for a pattern to make. I went on to Ravelry and looked at some friend’s queues and some of them were much more streamlined. They only had a small number of patterns listed. and it was clearly stuff they planned to make in the immediate future.

I decided to go through my queue and delete any dead links and stuff I didn’t want to make anymore. I want to leave only the patterns I really like and plan to make. So far, I have deleted over 60 patterns (only 193 left). I realized that I go through phases with what I like to make. I will get excited by a particular type or project or technique and then queue a bunch of the same type of pattern. After a while, I lose interest in that particular technique. For example,I went through a period where wanted to make crocheted doilys. I had queued several doily patterns and have only made 1 doily. If I am going to be honest with myself, I would admit that I am not much into doilys anymore and those patterns can be deleted from my queue.

 I ran into the same thing with my Goodreads account only with books. I had a huge list of books to read and didn’t read much from that list. I have deleted a bunch of books on topics that I am not into or don’t want to read anymore. I still want to prune both lists further. So far, I feel better about the lists. It feels more streamlined How about you? Do you make lists of stuff to read and make and then realize you have to edit it? or do you like having a lot of stuff listed and don’t worry about it? Let me know in the comments.


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