My Beadwork Projects

DSC_0014 (1)-1

I wrote about my bead crochet projects last week so this week I will be writing about beading projects. Recently I finished this spiral bracelet. This blue and green bracelet is the first beadwork piece I have finished in years. I had a couple of projects that I had started years ago and had let sit for years. Right after I finished my most recent bead crochet rope, I looked at my old beading projects and decided to work on a bracelet pictured above. I looked at it and realized it was long enough for a bangle bracelet and I just needed to join it together. So I went ahead and joined it together.

DSC_0008 (2)-1

 I also have a this pink piece that I haven’t worked on in years that I want to finish. It uses a technique called peyote stitch. I am doing it free-form, I didn’t have a set pattern or plan for this piece when I started it. When I started the project, I wanted to see how it would look to use different sizes of beads together in one piece. I decided to use pastel colors.

 DSC_0006 (2)-1

 As I was looking at these pieces I ended up starting a new beadwork project. I had been thinking about a technique called spiral rope. I ended up starting a spiral rope project around the time I finished my latest bead crochet project. I am using a lime green and beige color scheme. 


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