Taking A Break From Social Media


As much as I like social media, there are times when it gets to be too much for me and I periodically will take breaks. On social media, I sometimes feel like I get an avalanche of other people’s opinions on people’s actions, words or appearance. Or something happens in the news and I get post after post after post about telling me how awful everything is right now. Also, if you have the apps on your phone, I have found it is too easy to constantly check your phone. I don’t want to be that person who is constantly checking my phone. Here is what I have found out about taking a break from social media. 

 You can temporarily deactivate from Instagram. You have to log in from a computer to do it. There is no way to deactivate from your phone. Here is a link on how to do that.

 You can also temporarily deactivate Facebook. The last time I deactivated my account , I got at least 4 pop ups asking me, “Do you really want to do this?” For some reason it was much easier to deactivate Instagram. This link will run you through how to deactivate Facebook.

 Twitter doesn’t have an option to temporarily deactivate. You can only permanently delete your account.You can put in a request to delete your account and it takes 30 days for it to happen. What I have done is set my account to private and log off the app on my phone so I can only check on a computer. Here are instructions from Twitter support that goes over the process of deleting your account.

 If you have downloaded social media apps onto your phone, you can either log off and leave the app or uninstall the app. One thing I will often do even when I am not taking a break from social media is put my phone across the room so I can’t easily check it.


2 thoughts on “Taking A Break From Social Media

  1. I complete agree with you! I absolutely hate Instagram, I strongly feel this is where cyber bullying takes place! People just add you for an add back and then they unfollow you in a few days time! Taking a break is always good!

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