Current Projects

DSC_0006 (1)-1I am still working on the blanket and I am about halfway done making squares. I have started to work on sewing the squares together. I decided to start sewing the squares together now so that I am not left with a huge amount of squares to sew up near the end. The blanket pattern is a series of diamond shapes with different color combinations and I want to see how they look as I go. I didn’t know what technique I wanted to use to sew them together so I did a little research. I found this blog post and decided to use the mattress stitch and I used this tutorial of the mattress stitch. 

DSC_0011-1I am also still working on this lace scarf. I am almost done and then it needs to be blocked. I have really enjoyed working on this project. I like the lace stitch and once I got going, it isn’t hat difficult to knit.

DSC_0004-1I am still plugging away at the Herbivore shawl. I have been working on the lace scarf more than this shawl so I don’t have much progress to report.

DSC_0004 (1)-1I decided to make a tank top. I saw this crocheted tank top on Instagram and really liked it. I decided to make a modified version for myself.  I am making it using Patons Grace. I decided on a white, lavender and pink color scheme. I am still in the swatching and planning stage. I haven’t found a motif I like. I like the lacy stitches but I am concerned that a lacy stitch would look busy since I am using 3 different colors.


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