My Thoughts On The Book Big Magic


I read the book Big Magic and thought I would write out some of my thoughts on the book. I had wanted to read it for a long time. When I would read reviews of the book people either seemed to love it or hate it. I ended up really liking the book. Before I read the book, I would read interviews of the author and would not always agree with what she said. I found that some of her ideas sound different in the book where she had more room to express her ideas.

 A couple of things stood out to me. In the book she really stressed how important it is to consistently work on creative ideas. She stresses that having a creative life where you enjoy the process is more important than success. I think that point gets lost a lot in today’s world. At the start of the book,she writes about how she thinks ideas have a life of their own. She writes if you get an idea, you need to stop and decide if you are going to do it or not. If you decide to work on the idea you need to work right away and not let it get away.

She also has a section that states that you should support your art and not the other way around. She points out that just about everyone struggles with how to make a living and do their creative work. She stresses to not quit your day job and to take your creative work seriously . I liked that point. I think many others miss that distinction. There is an an assumption by some people that a person who has a day job isn’t serious about their art. It is easy to get in a mindset of “I can’t make a living at this” and that can make a person really limit themselves. This is an example of a idea that I would hear in an interview and not agree but end up changing my mind when she had more room to express her ideas. In the Interviews, I would only hear “just get a job” and get annoyed and disagree. I thought she was criticizing people who dreamed of making a full time living at their art. Once I read the book I could see the point she was making and I agree with her. I think the book is well worth reading if you are interested in creativity and/or consider yourself to be a creative person.


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