My Favorite Knitting Books

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I both knit and crochet and since I wrote about crochet books last week it only seems fair to write about my favorite knitting books this week.

 Stitch’N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook

 This book by Debbie Stoller is a sentimental favorite. This is the book that made me want to knit in the first place. I learned to knit from this book and my first 3 projects I ever knit are from this book. When this book became big, a lot of knitting groups sprang up (they were called stich and bitch groups) and suddenly all these cool women were knitting and I wanted to be a part of it. That made me want to learn to knit. 

 Knitting Without Tears

The author of this book is Elizabeth Zimmerman and she is my favorite knitting writer. She really ecourages her readers to work without a pattern and not be afraid to try stuff. This book introduced me to the percentage system. She also writes a formula for making tams that I have used more than once

 Knits From a Painter’s Palate

 This book was written by Maie Landra the founder of Koigu yarn. This book has some lovely patterns that use the modular knitting technique. I really want to make this coat someday. The first part of the book explains the history of the company and her family history and it is an interesting story.

 The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

This book by Clara Parks is a must read. It changed how I pick yarns for projects. She goes over the different types of yarn, the characteristics of yarn and how it is made. The book also has selection of patterns that shows patterns that are a good match for different types of yarn.

 A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

If you want to get more creative with knitting, I would suggest getting a stitch dictionary or 2. Several knitters I admire recommended this stitch dictionary by Barbara Walker. I bought a copy with a gift card and love it. This book has so many lovely stitches. A Treasury of knitting patterns has 4 volumes and I just have volume one for now.



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