Small Ways to Relieve Stress

As I mentioned earlier, the news these days can often be overwhelming and depressing. I have had to limit the time I spend watching the news to keep my sanity. Lately I have been feeling very cynical. I thought I would write about a few small things I do to relieve stress and remind myself that there is still good in this world.

One of the biggest ways I relieve stress is to watch kitten cams. I love animals but I don’t live somewhere that allows pets. Thanks to live streams, I can get my cute pet fix easily. My 2 favorites are Tiny Kittens and Critter Room. They are both livestreams run by volunteers who take in pregnant cats and take care of the mother cat and kittens until they are able to be adopted. The video above is the story of  the most recent rescue on Tiny Tiny Kittens will also livestream the birth of the kittens. Both of the people who run these are very dedicated to cat rescue and the cats are so cute. I find myself watching them a a lot to relieve stress and counteract all the negativity in the news lately. Both of these livestreams are also on Periscope. 

Another thing that helps me out is to seek out supportive places in social media . As I mentioned before, I found a crochet themed group on Ravelry that has been very supportive. It means a lot of me to find a supportive place to discuss creative projects. I also joined a Facebook group related to the 5 days 5 shawls challenge  that I  did. The Facebook group is very active and supportive and it is a relief to talk to people who have similar creative goals. I enjoyed the 5 days 5 shawls challenge and glad I found the group.


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