My Granny Square Bag Project

granny square2-0023

I both knit and crochet but recently I wasn’t that inspired by crochet and I was knitting a lot more than I was crocheting. On Ravelry, I am a member of a group called the International Freeform Forum-IFFF. The group is about freeform crochet, knitting and mixed media. Freeform crochet and knitting is making a piece without a pattern and being creative with the colors and stitch patterns. The group will often have have freeform alongs (FFAL) which are crochet alongs* for free form work. The theme of one of their recent FFALs was Everything Old is New Again. The thread on Ravelry said that the theme can be interpreted as re purposing an old project or clothing, using a motif from an old project in a new project or using a classic technique in an updated way. In the thread, a lot of the group members were so talented and creative and that was inspiring to me.

granny square3-0004

This FFAL made me think of 2 granny squares I had. They were leftover from a blanket I made a few years ago. They didn’t fit in with that project and sat in with my yarn scraps because I didn’t know what to do with them. I read the theme and immediately had the idea for make a bag around those 2 squares. I decided on a light blue, beige and dark blue color theme color theme. I also decided to use yarn leftover from other projects.

granny square2-

I based the shape of the bag on another bag I made several years ago.I crocheted 16 squares and then sewed them together. With the straps, I ended up single crocheting around the top of the bag and then crocheting the straps. I am happy with how it turned out and I had fun making it. I was a long time lurker in the group but this was the first time I had participated in a FFAL. The other members of the group were so welcoming and supportive and it meant a lot to me. It was so encouraging to be able to interact with other crocheters and knitters and have them be so supportive.

*A group of people making piece at the same time and posting their experiences in a forum or blog.


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