Coping in Uncertain Times


I don’t want this blog to be political. However, I also don’t think it is right to completely ignore what is going on around me either. Not too long before I launched this blog, the Brexit vote and a horrible shooting in Orlando Fl happened. Also, the US election has been divisive and crazy. The week I started this blog, 2 men were killed by police and in Dallas, 5 policemen were killed in a shooting. That is not all that has happened. We live in scary, uncertain times. There is a lot of divisiveness, violence and bigotry going on.

 When the world around you is so scary, it is easy to get cynical, overwhelmed, and discouraged. I think it is imporant to hold on to good moments, to not forget that there is still good in this world. On social media, seeing people post about happy moments in their lives is comforting. Sometime you need to unplug from the news for a while for self care. I think right now, we all need moments of sweetness, moments of cute. I have been watching live kitten cams for this. I also think we all need reminders of positive things you can do in your life to decrease the incredible negativity going on right now. I would like to do 2 things, I would like to write about things that I have found relieve stress, are cute, and make me laugh . These little moments can remind you of the good in life. I also will be posting about people using craft to be activists and ways you can use crafting to help others


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