My Crafty Past and Present

My story pic 3-0006 

I have been crocheting for 11 years and knitting for 8 years. The black and white scarf pictured above is one of my first knitting projects. The purple scarf is one I made a few years later. The shawl in the third picture is a crochet project recently finished. I wanted to learn to knit when the book, Stitch and Bitch came out. After it was published, I saw a lot of cool, interesting women knitting and wanted to be a part of that. It also appealed to me that it is relaxing. Before knitting and crochet, I was very into beading and jewelry making. I wanted to learn crochet because I was feeling burned out on beading and wanted to learn something new. I also really liked that I could make practical things like scarves and hats.

My story pic 2-0003

 As I mentioned in my last post, I used to run 2 different Etsy shops and sold at a few craft fairs. In order to learn more about how to make better jewelry, I took a couple of drawing classes and a college level design class. I also read about color theory. Right now, my main creative outlets are knitting and crochet. I have been working on making things without a pattern. That process has definitely pushed my knitting and crochet skills and I want to write about what I have learned.

My story pic 1-0009

 I have often struggled with how to balance my creative interests and the rest of my life. I can remember when I sold jewelry I often came home from my day job exhausted and too tired to be creative. Other creative people I met had similar struggles. I feel like a lot of websites don’t address this problem that much. One big reason I wanted to start this blog is that I wanted to write about successful artists and what day jobs they had. I hope to launch that series in the near future.


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