Intro post pic 2 (1 of 1)Welcome to my blog Daphne Adora. I am an avid knitter and crocheter. I also love to write and do photography. The picture above is one of my photos. I am constantly working on several fiber projects at once and I will be writing about what I have learned from my projects. I have always had a lot of creative interests and I want to write about the ways people balance their creative practice and the rest of their lives. I also want to write about artists that use knitting,crochet and textiles in creative ways.

 I am very interested in handmade business. In the past I did a lot of beading and jewelry making. I ran 2 different Etsy shops where I sold my handmade jewelry and wrote 2 other blogs. I am not doing those ventures anymore but I never lost my interest in crafts, DIY and creative business. In the past year or so, I started thinking about writing a blog again. I missed writing on a regular basis. 

 The blog name is based on my first name. My first name is Daphne and in the US, it is a very unusual name. When I was in school, I was always the only one in my class with my name. To this day I have only met someone with my name a few times. I originally came up with the name Daphne Adora a few years ago when I was thinking about changing the name of an Etsy shop I had. A friend suggested I use something based on my first name. When I thought about that, I remembered that avid gardeners will hear my name and mention the Daphne Odora plant. Thinking about the plant gave me the idea for Daphne Adora. The name Daphne Adora was originally going to be an Etsy shop where I sold handmade jewelry. I never did the shop but I kept the name and used it for my Twitter and Instagram accounts. When I decided to start a new blog, I decided to keep using Daphne Adora.


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